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How to get maximum Facebook likes ?


These tips are NO NO for all female Facebook users, it will just add few more likes and create more inequality  or gender bias on Facebook platform.

Being men has so many difficulties, in all walks of life and now we have to deal with getting “likes” on Facebook. Here I am listing few tips to get more likes on your status updated based on my experience, some really work.

I am till experimenting though, will continue to update this blog as per findings.


1.       Don’t post regular jokes; no one will look at it. Probably it might have been shared zillions of times. In order to pick new jokes, you really need to be active on all social media platforms or you are creative enough have your own. A good joke should be short, maximum two lines. The lengthier its, the boring it comes, especially on mobile it’s difficult to read.

2.       Your status updates should have 6-8 hrs of difference, if you have a lot to talk, get on Twitter please.

3.       No political updates or national issues, people will yawn and give a royal pass. Make it little tricky, talk about good things about India and end with “Jai Hind” and then you can add the message.

4.       Post in multiple languages, you may not get enough likes but be assured of likes in the next known language by your friends. It just creates some attention, attention seekers?? You can ignore these comments.

5.       Maximum probability of getting zillions of likes is on photographs, ensure that you have photographs clicked by one of your Facebook Photographers (editing is must); he will help you in getting more likes, obviously by tags.

6.       Try to create an album of different moods and situation; don’t put everything in your Wall Folder or Timeline Folder.

7.       Never post all photos at once in an album, have minimum 24 Hrs gap. Do not post more than 4 photos at one go.

8.       The best day to get maximum likes is Friday night (10 PM – 12Pm), Saturday morning (12 P.M – 5 P.M) and Sunday morning (12 P.M – 5 P.M).  Ignore Monday and Tuesdays, even you posts something really exciting, as in you have Mount Everest, it will be ignored because of all apparent reasons.

to be conti.


Do you really care for privacy on Facebook ?

I quite often see people posting instructions to make certain changes which would hide  information from going public or accessed by others.  I never really cared for those settings and neither oblige, this does not mean I am disrespecting people who actually care for privacy.

However, to put the context in the right manner; the day you decided to join Facebook you actually compromised on your privacy. You can hide data from individual, group of people to an extend but not from an institution.  Facebook keeps your data forever, we need not explain what actually they do with the data.  If you are really interested , here is an article to give an insight –


Majority of us don’t know that Facebook keeps your deleted pics forever and anyone can access it using the direct link. Did it make you worry, well you should be because facbook still doesn’t has a solution.

It can be argued that an unwanted individual can misuse our personal information, pictures to defame or just use in a mischievous way which an institution wont. The best remedy to protect your privacy is to control what you share, we have many other offline forums to talk and share about personal lives.

Anyway, how can we forget,  this is world of hypocrisy, we want people to know what I am doing and where I was having fun but with privacy, yes I cam claim to an active member of this  hypocrisy culture.


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