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Nitish is very scared

Political circle is buzzing up with the news on JD (U) quitting NDA, not that it was surprising, the indicators were coming from last few months now, and this move is good for BJP, it can focus on 2014 now.

Out all the reasons being circulated, I consider Nitish’s fear of Modi is primary factor; he realizes the position on secularism is the last refuge of loosers.  Narendar Modi knows his game and what he wants, he is clear with his priorities, a strong and prosperous India and in his schemes of things, Nitish would have been the weakest link.  Nitish Jee also realizes, Modi is merciless with his political opponents, look at what he has done to Congress in Gujarat.

The rise and shine of Modi with BJP means he will be the key decision maker; his priorities for 2014 are clear, to win seats. Bihar has 40 Loks Shabha seats and Modi would like to win majority, would never like to share seats with JD (U) considering BJP has strong organizational roots in Bihar.

Nitish Jee can only survive with the likes of RJD and TMC, they are chest the thumping secular parties with a deep shallowness, lack of thought process or ideas. Nitish is simply fighting to survive!

Stumbled on this news, I hope this is note true but we know its.

Nitish banks on caste calculations, Muslims

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