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The true hero I look at – Rahul Dravid

I was only 17 years old when I saw the persona of Rahul Dravid on TV Screen and I recall, it was his debut match and he was playing along with Vinod Rathore. They both looked amazing on screen, young and ready to fire. That image is still engrossed in my memory and will never fade away.

While Rahul continued to make a mark in international cricket, Vinod Rathore couldn’t doo much; he admitted later “”Some batsmen like Rahul Dravid are technically correct. But if you are not technically sound, you have to have the conviction and trust yourself.”

“I think that is where I made a mistake. When I did not get runs, I started doubting myself.” (Source :

3 April 1996: ODI debut versus Sri Lanka at The Padang, Singapore. He scored three runs.

For me Rahul is just not an inspirational but godly figure, when I look at him I see peace within and everywhere, that’s what the persona of Rahul Dravid is.  He reflects the true Indian which is lost somewhere. Resilient, Talented, Down to Earth, Brilliance, Charismatic, flamboyant yet humble! Salute to the master of masters!

He may not be aggressive and flamboyant enough to get everyone’s attention but every time he came to bat, you can be rest assured we may not win but we will make it difficult for opponent to win.  He never got enough applauds or media glare in comparison to super stars but for me, I see my idle in him.

When you grow up looking like at people like Rahul Dravid, you are bound to develop something within you, which becomes part of your icons characteristic, which I see within me.

I don’t have enough words or linguistically capable enough to write about him, have capture some quotes from excellent writers/bloggers below.

Sidin brilliantly puts it across as “Rahul Dravid, you can’t help but feel, is the Hawker Hurricane of Indian cricket.”

“In the days leading up to that match, and in the days after, much has been written about this unsung stalwart of the Indian cricket team. An omnipresent theme in all of the coverage has been that Mr. Dravid never has, and probably never will, get the credit due to him”

From blogger Sidvee “Cricket is a team sport but it’s players who turn into building blocks for the narratives.  Teams win matches but it’s the individual brilliance that sticks in the memory. Throw up any game from the past and you will usually find an individual performance sticking out. Dravid in ODIs is usually not the one who leaps off the headlines, instead he’s often the focus of the second or third paragraph.”

Last time in blue for Dravid

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