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Quick Note – Its All About Leadership, Disaster Management (NaMo)

BBC’s account (in 2011) of how Gujarat’s astonishing rise from rubble of 2001 quake (, across the spectrum they only talk about Gujarat was always prospering hence no intervention was required. What they don’t look at; a part of Gujarat was in rubble and it required to rebuilt and it was done  in right fashion.
Now the Rambo effort (cheaply coined) for  NaMo on his efforts to rescue Gujarati’s, the details on how did it…it requires commitment, execution, on top a vision/idea and  this cant be done alone. NaMo has built a strong administrative staff which is quick and responsive, cant be true for all other regions.  This is where leadership matters, we highly capable government staff, what they need is direction and vision.  ( .
Their is section of society which might question, why only Gujarati ?. Well, that’s his primary responsibility, in the capacity of Chief Minister he is accountable for his people.
Corelate and you will know why this man matters!

I am rightist!

I read 5-7 articles every week, some from very popular editors and some by political bloggers. Out of these 50% of articles are focused on criticizing rightist ideology with deep rooted prejudice. The intention is clear, it’s driven by hatred, they don’t really want diverse opinion to come out which is in reality is controlled by a marginal few. Also important to note is; they can’t really fathom the idea of common middle class raising voice.

Right-wing ideology has so far been crushed by either elitist or leftist ideologist.  Majority of the rightist leaders are from humble background and have risen through the ranks, no fancy Oxford or Harvard Degree.  Thus it makes the elitist group feel threatened of their historical position which they have carried through generations, the pappu’s of the world. Congress definitely is the messiah of the elite group, that’s the reason they have kept “Aam Aadmi” alive from last 50+ years. The rise of the rightist voice also comes with drawback, the hard-liners need to be tamed and celebrity writers instead of painting everybody as troll should get engaged in conversation. Irony is they won’t; they never like to see facts. Being rightist means India first and there is nothing religious about it.

With a risk of being lamented a religious fanatic, I take proud in calling myself a rightist!

This is a new start in my thought process and visualization of coming years!

Congress in winning mode, India in loss making mode.

Congress knows how to win election but will never learn how to progress the nation, probably they dont want. Keeping majority poor is best way to win election, as a matter of fact in spite of 50+ years of Independence we are still poor and the perfect remedy to keep people poor is to feed them (don’t teach), Congress has mastered this art.

The 2009 elections were won because of Farm Loan Waiver scheme and its no brainer, when you implement an idea just to to win an elections, its bound to fail.  This may not truly be a fraud as Firstpost reports but we must question the real intention, It does have an element of fraud but so small in comparison to Coalgate and 2G that its being considered negligible.

8.5 percent of those who got waivers were not eligible for it. This is where the scheme has the whiff of a scam, but it is not huge. Even when extrapolated over the entire Rs 52,000 crore writeoff mentioned by CAG, the amount involved would be around Rs 4,420 crore. Peanuts, compared to 2G or CWG or Coalgate.

To win 2014 elections Congress has come with Direct Cash Transfer and Food Security Bill, perfect solution. These two schemes are populist and will give instant benefit to the end user but a doom from long term perspective, in stats, the total food subsidy to cover expenditure for its Food Security Bill is expected to be 1.3 lakh crore.

Economic time reports;  The UPA government’s food Bill is a piece of political excess that is likely to put additional strain on the exchequer, push up the price of food outside the public distribution system and create perverse incentives that would distort the labour market even further.

All this is being done when we know the reality of our public distribution system ?

One of the biggest question the government must answer is from where will the money come for these welfare schemes, Indian tax payer shouldn’t be penalized for populist decision.  WSJ Reports –  Government officials say the rollout of the law would increase food subsidies by an additional 200 billion rupees ($3.6 billion) to around 1.2 trillion rupees ($22 billion) in the next fiscal year beginning April 1.

The recent federal budget has earmarked only about 100 billion rupees ($1.8 billion) for the program, but the amount may be sufficient as the law is likely to be approved only in September and therefore would require funding for about six months next fiscal year.

While India’s fiscal deficit is touching 7%, should we first focus on getting the economy in shape and then start looking at freebies.

Isn’t it important to create an environment more employment, push manufacturing reforms, let people acquire new skills, create a environment for entrepreneurs  and get people jobs ?. Cant we win elections based on ideas of new India ?. This entire energy and investment done to push direction cash transfer and food security bill can easily be diverted towards having a far reaching impact. Alaas, I am speaking about party which has “Aam Admi” on forefront and to maintain it they need this “Aam Aadmi”.

BJP will make the difference

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has my confidence back, first by not reinstating Yeddyurappa and now by not giving second term to Nitin Gadkari. Definitely a lot needs to be done before its considered a formidable force. At the same time, its interesting to note that I am always dragged into BJP Vs Congress issue, as a matter fact I never praise BJP. Probably by this logic, if you criticize congress, you are partisan. Two different aspects I work on, 1. Highlighting inefficiency/misrule of Congress party 2. Making BJP a credible force, both are different aspects of my social media campaign. Criticism is the key to success. Never follow the idol, follow the ideology.

Lets pick the instance of Nitin Gadkari, he has been under attack from his opponents for alleged wrongdoings by his company Purti Group. The charges have still not been framed but still there is an allegation so he had come out clear. Nitin Gadkari was left to defend himself with a limited backing of BJP but he had to face media and hostile opponents. Ultimately he had to resign from post BJP president.

nitin-gad-pagri sonia-gandhi_60






In contrast with this, look at the National Herald cases, a clear accountability lies with Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. None of the mainstream media had journalist raised point on this, a clear case of fraud does exists and requires investigation.

From Firstpost article “It is too much to expect the Congress, which has already done one somersault, to launch an investigation into allegations of malpractices that lead to Sonia Gandhi’s doors. Such whimsical exercise of executive power is typically directed against Opposition leaders”. Here is the details account of fraud published in Indian Express, National Herald affair: It’s fraud all the way.

This is a shameful state of our nation, media bas broken its fourth pillar.

India is Mob, entertain them….streets would be empty

Congress was founded in 1885 by some great leaders of India but in the current context some of our congress leaders are desperate to search their roots in Roman empire,  how else can you justify a comment from Mr. Pawan Bansal, “India is a mobocracy”. He also went on to say “netas don’t need to speak to protesters”

Although main stream media didn’t think its lucrative enough to carry this news, for me the comment was very interesting.

History might have more examples around rulers treating their countrymen as mob, I could only correlate with Roman empire because of interest in history of Rome.  If you have seen Gladiator movie, after killing his father, Commodes went to Rome, he had to face many challenges from people. His crooked senate members, made it for clear for him, Rome is MOB and this mob can be controlled by throwing some entertainment, the 150 days games followed.

Although majority of the movie segments are fictitious but the truth around Roman mob is factually correct.   If you are interested to read more about Gladiator movie and the facts, click here.

The grand old congress party is still living in the mode of king and subject, they don’t think king needs to interact with people; people just need to entertained as mob and freebies distributed as favour  It may be argued that the comment from Mr. Bansal is his personal but you can correlate with what happened during the massive protests in Delhi. We never know, if the protests might have continued, congress party might have thrown some entertainment.

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t mob, people of the country were out on streets. They wanted justice; such was anger and focus that even Sachin Tendular would be regretting taking retirement within those days. He couldn’t trend on Twitter beyond few hrs.

I am ashamed today

Ashamed head-in-hands

Waking up to a shameful morning, our young daughter dies. India is ashamed, I am ashamed, and this male dominated society should be ashamed. This shame has come to me on multiple accounts.

  1. I have never questioned the hooligans on street, rather ignore to protect myself
  2. We tend to dominate female member of our society in all walks of life
  3. I have done nothing to bring a social upliftment of the society
  4. And many more accounts, this list will be endless

While I am angry, high on emotions, in a state of shock but still don’t want to outrage. Probably it’s the most shameful situation of our nation and this is not the first time it has happened. As a nation we have failed, as an Indian we have failed, INDIA has failed today but still I want to live in hope, a hope for a better future.

I want to be everywhere, on all the streets across the nation as I want to mourn with my nation, want to share grief and sadness. Unfortunately I can’t be everywhere, sitting at home I have cried, I have mourned and I am living this pain every second.

The nation must mourn, understand the pain, it’s our pain and we must come of the ashes to build a better nation, where we will live with pride. The change should come, we shall bring the change and I commit to this change.

The cost of pseudo secularism

Be very afraid of people who shout aloud about secularism, they are biggest culprits of promoting communalism  Secularism is a believe, comes only when respect all individuals and not be selective.  The history if full pseudo seculars and it will always exists till people start accepting humanism as way of life.

The most recent example is Samjawadi Party lead by Mulayam Singh and Chief Minister, his son Akhilesh Yadav. Samajwadi party claims to the be biggest secular party in India and also a champion of backward section of society, I wonder how cam shape your ideology around opportunities for backward sections, it clearly means that backward society will continue to be for generations.  If you work hard for their up upliftment , shouldn’t this section get a new dimension and never remain backward ?

The party is founded on the principle socialism, democracy and equality. Samajwadi Party believes in communal harmony and endeavours to create special opportunities for backward sections of society, Muslims and women. Samajwadi Party is organized at the national, state, zila and municipal level across the country.”

Anyway, when you claim to the champion of secularism, your deeds represent otherwise and showcase your pseudo secularism. Ever since SP has taken over, more than 7 riots have been reported by main stream media, we all know main stream media as selective coverage, hence assumptions of more than 7.

“Increasing incidents ofcommunal violence in Uttar Pradesh have raised the alarm at the top level, with the Intelligence Bureau (IB) informing the Centre about the “volatile situation” in the state”

In contrast we rarely heard of riots in Mayawati’s tenure, we might have all different issues of governance issues with BSP government but they actually showcased true secularism.

While the coverage has stopped but the fact is Faizabad continues to burn, hope Akhilesh’s government manages to curtail this, hoping that we don’t see any untoward events around Babri Masjid demolition date.


Banana Republic, yes we are almost there!

Image –

The whole country got outraged when our national son-in-law posted  ‘mango men in banana republic‘ as status update on Facebook, we are not for sure, but definitely making all the efforts to become a banana republic.

The most recent example is internal investigation by IAC on its members, which is being coined as “Internal Lokpal”.

“Kejriwal, while announcing the probe by a panel of retired High Court judges, also dared the government to conduct an independent probe against IAC members and punish them if proven guilty. 

IAC activists Mayank Gandhi and Anjali Damania said they were open to any kind of probe and were not guilty of any irregularities.”

Isn’t this a mockery of existing process, the allegation on these members are serious in nature and an inquiry must be done by a competent authority of government. Mr Kejriwal has dared the government to do the investigation, but as government is committed towards proving it banana republic, it wont happen.

What would happen after the investigation by Internal Lokpal ? Will IAC create its own constitution and laws to punish them ? . Probability is, it wont happen, I have strong faith in Internal lokpal.

Whatever happens, I just love banana and probability is I will start loving banana republic and make our national son-in-law proud!

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