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When Google Fails

You have to be really worried when the organization claimed to have revolutionize the internet world fails, this may be the first time it happened. We have numerous Google failures but primarily around product (marketability and usability perspective), not performance of an existing product.

Yesterday it was supposed to be a historic day for Google Hangout (In India) and it failed miserable on several accounts. Hugely marketed event (Your questions, Ajay Devgn’s presence & Narendra Modi’s inspiring answers- Come ‘Hangout’ with) wherein Mr Modi was going take direct questions was published much in advance.

Google India was also not far behind, its promotion resulted into tweets to 15k followers with 250 re tweets, the sheer magnitude of this event was expected.


The whole event was supposed to start at 8 P.M and for next one hr, no one had clue what’s happening. The video was running for 8 Sec with Mr. Ajay Devagan repeatedly saying “Yea Yea”. Now, this was turning into huge embarrassment for Mr. Narendra Modi and Google India, yet no official response from any party, lots of speculation on Tweeter and You Tube.

Around 9 P.M Google India tweeted, stating “Folks, 10 minutes and we’ll begin. Stay tuned“.


It estimated that over 1.6 Million people from 116 countries were logged into Hangout/You Tube and Google wasn’t ready for this turnout. The live streaming started around with a simple sorry message from Google India ” And we’re LIVE. Sorry for the delay“. For an organization like Google it was expected to do much better preparation, not just from the actual live coverage perspective also from communication point.

We still haven’t heard the actual reason behind this delay, whether it was administrative failure or technology and questions do arise..What happened to Google’s predictive analytics ? , they couldn’t anticipate the user inflow or was it charismatic Narendra Modi.

Google’s admiration goes beyond imagination and its too easy to put a question mark on its performance. As many tweeted, it was supposed to be a big day for India Google / Hangout but things didnt workout, but we do expect better performance in future. Probably to start with, get the communication problem fixed.

 Postscript: Something interesting to go through, its quite old and few new entries expected their.

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