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Modi takes on PM and Congress head-on, reinforces governance

NaMo Independence Day

It wasn’t a normal independence day; neither was it supposed to be. Narendra Modi had declared the tone of his speech yesterday and he did deliver it as per the expectation, to an extent beyond expectation.

It has been ages since I really made an attempt to listen someone on independence day; been my personal celebration from last 8 years now. I recall waking up early just to hear speech from ABV from Red Fort, in spite of the fact that I was a BJP voter but still not a dedicated follower. My sole intention was to hear him and his ideas of India. With congress government coming, I continued to look for that inspiration and gave after 2 years. It never went beyond “Gareebe Hataayenge”.

Listening to NaMo was such a welcome change, he inspires, he gives ideas, questions status quo and in all invokes patriotism for right things. I don’t think it’s all about his oratory skills, a lot of individuals like me judge him beyond that and he truly meets our expectation.

Enjoy some reactions on his speech, some funny too!

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