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Request to Health and HRD Ministry Of India Regarding CPR and First Aid Training

Dear Health and HRD Minister,

Apologies if I opted an incorrect channel or addressing both the departments at same time but as per my understanding this effort requires coordinated effort on multiple accounts.

My family was recently involved in saving two accident victims  and we got outstanding word of encouragement from general public and hopefully have inspired many to come forward and help accident victims. The narrative of our effort is outlined below. This post has more than 3500 shares and approx 10,000 so we can understand the impact of this message. At the same time, I equally worried on appropriate procedure not being followed while helping accidents victims.

“While coming back from Delhi yesterday around 1 A.M, Shaily and I saw a girl and a boy lying on street, they had met an accident near Thyagraj Stadium. I stopped immediately to take a look, the accident must have happened just 2-3 min ago, they were on bike in all probability it was over speeding and yes no helmet. Their clothes were also casual so it was fatal joy ride for young lads.

While we stopped, a local boy was making call to 100 and telling about the exact location, both of them were bleeding heavily and unable to speak. More people stopped and more ideas started coming in, still no sight of PCR or Ambulance and I personally wasn’t able to decide on how to help. I am not trained in paramedics and I am told it’s not advised to lift or touch accident victims, you never know which part of body is really injured, and you may end of escalating things.

With still no sight of police and ambulance, I took a decision of taking them to hospital. My assessment, they were out of danger but bleeding heavily, boy was completely unconscious and girl started to point finger towards her rib, Shaily tried to understand that and we realized the ribs had broken and it was popping out.

Without thinking much now, I asked people to help me and got the boy in my car and started looking for someone else to get the girl, NO ONE …ultimately got both of them in the car. A young lad helped me out of this and brought water bottles.

My destination was AIIMS TRAUMA Center and I had no clue where it’s, rushed to main AIISMS hospital first and was guided further. Near Safdurjang hospital, spoke to PCR and they were quick. The drove in front us with all lights on so that we get clear passage. Reached AIIMS around 1:30, with the help of staff got them inside. Few little hiccup inside but really happy with how Trauma Center staff reacted when I told them I don’t know these individuals. They started treating and I was simply asked to complete the registration formality. In the process, several people including police man told me, you did good and nothing to worry, and it was up to me if I wanted to give information. I simply got them registered and gave it to doctors, they happily asked me to leave. The last I heard, girl had spoken, her name was Sandhaya. While I was dealing with this Shaily and Shaurya were waiting patiently outside hospital, we reached home around 3 A.M.

Sharing this as I want people to know, helping accident victims is not a problem, hospitals & policemen will help you ease the process and will appreciate your work. “


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While I take pride in what my effort and truly overwhelmed by support, I was equally worried about the overall situation on lack of training which I expressed in my note as well. Its also alarming that common notion people have in India around helping accident victims and that may be because of multiple and few out of control.
A report published in TOI indicates ” Ninety-three percent of people are reluctant to help an accident victim due to the fear of ‘legal hassles’, found a survey conducted across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.
Through this request I would request intervention from both the departments on several aspects. My point by point suggestions are listed below.
  • Better communication to citizens  around helping accident victims is not an hassle, probably government should publicize Do’s/Dont’s in public forum, streets and every where possible.
  • We should do a formal training on CPR and First Aid, make id mandatory learning session for students in 10th Grade and above
  • Why cant we have learning module by GOI on First Aids, probably cover the basics of Paramedics.
The list can notched up by many other points but I would like to stick to the basics and core. Awaiting your positive response. I am not qualified enough to suggest a policy framework but confident enough that we have the right set of people to take it forward.
Thanks you,
Sincere Citizen Of India
Manish Singh

Is NaMo overshadowing BJP ?

images (1)Quite intriguing to see some recent commentary on NaMo, well, he is always in news and always be. Some of my friends comment on Post by Manish Singh, NaMo has overshadowed BJP and this may be a reason why they won’t vote for BJP because of their comfortability 🙂 or discomfort  with NaMo.  While I realize, I cant influence the decision making or the thought process but do they really look at things holistically ?

AAP is all about Arvind Kejriwal, I doubt if they could win a single seat without Arvind on driving seat while Sonia Gandhi continues to be a supreme leader of our grand old INC party. I have never seen a question in public forum on these later two, they have virtually killed their inner party democracy, on other hand BJP’s inner conflicts are always out, although you can’t really trust them. The same is true for all political parties, SP, TMC, BJP,etc.

On the other hand BJP’s leadership gives you a clear signal, right form ABV days. If you don’t perform, you perish and there is nothing about your succession. If you have, let them prove it first.  Comment from a facebook friend.

Look at history. In BJP, the PM candidate has always been larger then party. This is Modi’s time. He will also fade away. But no one family ruling the party.

No matter what the result will be, it will be very tough for NaMo to consider himself as aspirant for 2019 elections.

Remarkable leaders, positively or negatively have always overshadowed their political party and I hate to draw the comparison but how many Indian know if Barak Obama is Democrat or Republican or from which party does Putin belongs.  This may not be right analogy but leaders claim a space, they are face of a system and they will always emerge out, the point really is; whether the leader can be replaced basis his performance, from BJP..Yes!

Meanwhile enjoy this emotionally appealing Video from Google, #PledgeToVote with Mr. Shyam Negi.

Meet Amrit, The Cyclist, Runner, Cartoonist, Traveller and Finally at ShaadiGraPher

I know Amrit from last few years through a common friend, loved his talent and thoroughly impressed with his creativity.  Requested Amrit to share few thoughts, his creativity must reach the larger world.

Excerpts from our email interaction.

It was the October of 2009. I used to work in Bhubaneswar. After a little over one year at job, I had managed to pull off 14 days of continuous vacation. Most of it was devoted to doing a solo bicycle trip from Manali to Leh. I had started practicing cycling only a month before that. It was one of the most amazing things I have done till date. The trip was about liberation. About giving up after hours of riding the uphill. And then trying again. Because stopping mid-way was not an option. Of the joy of going downhill for kilometers with zero effort. About falling down in darkness and spending the whole night on the road. About breath loss at high altitude and yet the happiness of being there, on my own, just on my cycle. About feeling close to the world that surrounds us. And to myself.

AmritI knew for sure that this is the kind of life I wanted to live. Where had as much time for myself as I wanted. 14 days in a year was simply not enough. But then, I went back to work and kept working and working. The next biggest stretch that I pulled off, while still at work, was one month. That’s when I went to learn mountaineering with my girl-friend. And once that was over, I knew I needed few such month every year. And it was simply not possible if I kept working the regular 5 days a week job. Even if they kept promoting me or increasing my salary. Because I was not made to buy flats and cars and pay their EMIs. I was made to feel closer to the real world. Feel close to myself. But I still needed money. That was the problem. That was the reason I could not leave my job. My dad was not Mukesh Ambani after all.

But from then on, I was always looking at ways to make a life like that possible. A routine less life. Where I could choose how much time I could give to myself. And my loved ones. And in that quest, wedding photography came up as a suggestion by my school best friend Neelabh. We both were decent photographers and turning a hobby we were good at, to something which could generate money seemed like an ideal solution. And guess what? It actually worked. We opened up this website called overnight, started offering candid photography and slowly kept getting more and more job. After about 4 moths, I quit my job (sabbatical to be correct) and took this up as my only source of living. And it has been an incredible life since then!

His work from a marriage event



The ShaadGrapher team contacted through or the contact details listed below.  You can take a look at ShaadGrapher previous work here .




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