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India Formula 1 Grand Prix,where are we ?

Last month we took a quick drive to Jaypee Sports City in my own Ferrari and too our surprise we had access to everything there. Yes literally no one stopped us from taking ride through the entire F1 circuit area (not the actual track) and beyond, construction was in full swing and we could see significant development. Th entire sports city is huge, and I am sure when its developed it would be one of the best in world.

I do plan to visit again in couple of weeks to check updated status, audit :-). However, my biggest concern, why does official Formal 1 website still reflects * in front of Formula Grand Prix of India 😦

Details on India Formula 1 Race and good to know information.

For the first time ever, India will host its very own Grand Prix on 30th October, 2011, marking its entry into the world’s most renowned motorsports. There had been plans to host an Indian Grand Prix as early as 1997.

The great Indian dream has finally come true with Jaypee Sports International (JPSI) bagging a contract to host the Indian Grand Prix at their new racetrack near Greater Noida, on the outskirts of New Delhi  Read the rest of this entry

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