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Dear FoodPanda, its early days and you can change

Its getting crazier with every day in mobile app world, you have app for everything and I am simply loving it, what I don’t love is perennial problem with services from these app.  This column is focused on food ordering app FoodPanda and lack of service delivery.

Started using it from last few weekends, off course I only use it on weekend and don’t fancy on weekdays. Used it thrice and with every interaction, the situation got worse.  These app work perfectly fine, with so much exciting features, I think they have cracked the technology but never been able to work through the services.

My last order with foodpanda was horrible and this my third, so practically 33% defect rate.  Everything went fine until I placed the order, the fancy app shows status of my order every single minute and I continued to be impressed till it clocked 60 min. The moment you cross 60 min, it will ask if your order has been delivered and if you say ‘no’, it will request to wait for a call back or confirmation in next 30 min or so.

I just kept waiting for a callback on my order and as expected no follow-up, then I started chasing FoodPanda, helpline was always busy and I tried at least 5-6 times in next 30 min.  Having seen disappointed with call center, I started calling the restaurant and to my surprise none of the phone number mentioned in SMS from Foodpanda was working. Finally the order arrived after a delay of 1 hr and that too in stale condition.

Foodpanda has been extensively marketing and giving lots of discounts to capture customer base as early player but guess what, they have forgotten, customer would request for prompt service as well and they are unable to deal with it.  Definitely not planning to order again, my local restaurant delivery guys turns out be more effective in service delivery.

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