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Very interesting idea being seeded by BJP, The abolition of Income Tax and Service Tax may figure prominently on the agenda of the BJP for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls

Very interesting idea being seeded by BJP, not an official endorsements though. Lots of practical challenges, implementation will be the key hurdle. The article also talks radical changes in “petro-economics” bringing taxation on petroleum products in India at par with international standards.


1. Income Tax has poor track record in India, lots of defaulters, among 180 countries, India is ranked at 138 in terms of tax administration.
2. More money to consumers will result into more spendings
3. The Finances can me be managed through indirect tax, at least consumer is spending the way they want
4. Lots of time saving for people like me and removes the possibility of being uninformed corrupt

The Flip Side:

1. As per the recommendations, Bank Transaction Tax will be levied, this will lead to corruption and money laundering. We need to strengthen the banking mechanism first.
2. Indirect tax should also be controlled, with service tax we have seen multiple layers of taxes.

Quick Note – Its All About Leadership, Disaster Management (NaMo)

BBC’s account (in 2011) of how Gujarat’s astonishing rise from rubble of 2001 quake (, across the spectrum they only talk about Gujarat was always prospering hence no intervention was required. What they don’t look at; a part of Gujarat was in rubble and it required to rebuilt and it was done  in right fashion.
Now the Rambo effort (cheaply coined) for  NaMo on his efforts to rescue Gujarati’s, the details on how did it…it requires commitment, execution, on top a vision/idea and  this cant be done alone. NaMo has built a strong administrative staff which is quick and responsive, cant be true for all other regions.  This is where leadership matters, we highly capable government staff, what they need is direction and vision.  ( .
Their is section of society which might question, why only Gujarati ?. Well, that’s his primary responsibility, in the capacity of Chief Minister he is accountable for his people.
Corelate and you will know why this man matters!

Nitish is very scared

Political circle is buzzing up with the news on JD (U) quitting NDA, not that it was surprising, the indicators were coming from last few months now, and this move is good for BJP, it can focus on 2014 now.

Out all the reasons being circulated, I consider Nitish’s fear of Modi is primary factor; he realizes the position on secularism is the last refuge of loosers.  Narendar Modi knows his game and what he wants, he is clear with his priorities, a strong and prosperous India and in his schemes of things, Nitish would have been the weakest link.  Nitish Jee also realizes, Modi is merciless with his political opponents, look at what he has done to Congress in Gujarat.

The rise and shine of Modi with BJP means he will be the key decision maker; his priorities for 2014 are clear, to win seats. Bihar has 40 Loks Shabha seats and Modi would like to win majority, would never like to share seats with JD (U) considering BJP has strong organizational roots in Bihar.

Nitish Jee can only survive with the likes of RJD and TMC, they are chest the thumping secular parties with a deep shallowness, lack of thought process or ideas. Nitish is simply fighting to survive!

Stumbled on this news, I hope this is note true but we know its.

Nitish banks on caste calculations, Muslims

NaMo gets the seat, now he must deliver!

All the speculations and theories can be buried now, at least we have a leader emerging within BJP, and he may not be a PM nominee but election campaign committee chairman is what we really wanted. He can be PM nominee only if he wins elections!

Clearly this announcement had fallouts, Advani  Jee resigned from all posts and there is no specific reason for it, he should have quite with much grace. His contribution in building the party is unquestionable but we must pass on the torch, he can’t be lingering around and that’s what BJP ideology is all about.

The rise of Narendra Modi was evident, not because he was CM, it’s because he has emerged as true mass leader. In a democracy, it’s all about popularity and leading masses. While his administrative ability is unquestionable, we must question is style of management and that’s what he must focus on. We can’t accept another authoritarian replacing the current one in the form of Gandhi family.

I am always trusted BJP to take right decision and that too in a democratic way, this gives me another reasons to work for the party in all possible ways.


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