Modi’s Varanasi Gambit


Modi addressing a public meeting in Varanasi

The great unwanted debate on why Modi is contesting from a safe seat (Varanasi) is purely rhetoric, fact is and which everyone knows, Modi’s assessment will not be done based on Varanasi’s seat.  Given a situation Modi wins from Varanasi, and party loses across India under his leadership, it will make him a bigger looser and few leaders within BJP will be first to question his leadership.  Just in case, he loses from Varanasi and wins seat across India, he will be a true winner but the detractors will focus on Varanasi.

Why Varanasi? The city has been a strong hold of BJP but it’s also important to know that BJP only 30% vote share and in 2009 elections BSP’s Mukhtar Ansari got 27% seats speaks a lot about the situation.

Modi’s gambit is to make an impact felt across the Purvanchal belt; there are 24-28 (loosely defined) seats in Purvanchal area and that makes 25% of overall seats in Uttar Pradesh, Modi wants his encash his popularity as this belt can easily influenced because of multiple factors. Two major factors are, Hindi heartland and development, Modi can sell his Gujarat model effectively.

In 2009 election, BJP was placed in this region, BSP and Congress taking 10 seats respectively while BJP only got 4 seats and that gives BJP a huge opportunity.

Source: The Hindu

Source: The Hindu

Modi also realizes time is money, with entire Purvanchal region being covered 12th May while the elections in rest of UP will get over by 30th April, he can get all his energies & strength directed to this region.



The future of Silicon Valley may lie in the mountains of Afghanistan

The benefits of using one single application for human capital management

Ceridian - Transforming Human Capital Management

intern As HR technology improves in the 21st century and numerous software solutions and web apps become available, companies often become reliant upon numerous portals for handling the disparate aspects of human capital management . They use one solution for payroll, one for benefits, another for managing corporate health and wellness, and so on and so forth. The web of applications can become complicated and oftentimes, difficult to manage.

There are many positives of switching to a single solution for managing HR. The technology is more refined, it’s more centralized and it’s easier to use. This is something I discussed recently, in a Ceridian webinar entitled “HR Technology Integration: Less Is More.” To wrap up, let’s explore the topics discussed in Thursday’s talk and go over how they might relate to your business’ operations.

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Our New Startup!

Our new startup ( has picked up speed, almost 2000 on FB and 400 on Twitter, 6000 hits on blog so far. Care to join ? as a principle, we no longer send the link to like or flurry of emails in your inbox, if you are really interested…you will come over  Whiskey Lovers Of India @WhiskeyLOI |


Amrut Malt has identified us as a group capturing whisky movements in Indian Subcontinent, its a very small effort..long way to go! . We are the first of its kind in India, if I am correct.

Galleria (Gurgaon) Market is Shaping Up Nicely

ove the way Galleria market is shaping up, old consultancy offices and fashion stores on first floor is being replaced with cafes. They are are theme based, very small eating outlets for gup shup, gives classy urban city retro looks. I haven’t been to any of them, costly hai…koi treat dega to mana nahee karoonga.


The Story of Aaloo in Gurgaon

Not much to do today, decided to something interesting…yes ended up doing a market study on aaloo (potato). In Spencers, a kg of aaloo will cost you 14.90/- per kg, they are calling it premium. The other two varieties, regular comes at 11.90/-per kg and the pahadee aaloo will cost you 16/- per kg. Next destination, DLF Phase 1, expected to be a rich area, the local thela wala have escalated the price, the 14.90/- per kg aaloo is being sold at Rs 20 & 16/- per kg but safal from Mother Dairy is saviour in same locality, they are selling at 13/- per kg. Sec 56 HUDA market had the costliest aaloo, Rs 13.90 /per kg sold in Spencers is being sold at Rs 20/- per kg.

Then eventually I moved to local mandi in Wazirbad village, not much difference in cost as normally believed, aaloo being sold Rs 16/ per kg. Online groceries store are selling the same variety at Rs 19.50/ per kg but save time & fuel but it needs some X minimum order. The wholesale rate in GGN is Rs 3./-kg.


Conclusion: Not that you dont know, purchase aaloo from Supermart or safal, best deal. Supermart only if you have a long list of items, that ways you will adjust parking & fuel cost. Lucky if you have a mart in walking distance, do some maths you might have more saving if purchase from local thela waala bhaiya, save time & fuel, provided you have small list.

Did you know ? There are about 5,000 potato varieties worldwide. Three thousand of them are found in the Andes alone, mainly in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, and Colombia.

English: Map of potato production (average percentage of land used for its production times average yield in each grid cell) across the world compiled by the University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment with data from: Monfreda, C., N. Ramankutty, and J.A. Foley. 2008. Farming the planet: 2. Geographic distribution of crop areas, yields, physiological types, and net primary production in the year 2000. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 22: GB1022 / Image:

English: Map of potato production (average percentage of land used for its production times average yield in each grid cell) across the world compiled by the University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment with data from: Monfreda, C., N. Ramankutty, and J.A. Foley. 2008. Farming the planet: 2. Geographic distribution of crop areas, yields, physiological types, and net primary production in the year 2000. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 22: GB1022 / Image:

Candy Crush Saga – Someone is getting billions from it

Candy Crush Saga, I have always seen people cribbing over the invites, I personally never bothered. I still don’t have penchant for these online games but loved the economics behind it, while you are playing games, the creators of these games are making huge money and which is perfectly fine.

Next time, I might be interested in these games, the feeling of making others rich is so interesting 🙂

Candy Crush Saga is a simple strategy game. The objective? To solve puzzles by annihilating colorful candies. And now, following in the grand tradition of gaming behemoths like Zynga, King Digital Entertainment, whose portfolio also includes Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, has filed to become a publicly traded company. Its plan is to raise $500 million.

According to the F-1 filing, the company plans to trade under the ticker symbol “KING,” with J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, and BofA Merrill Lynch among the lead underwriters. “Our focus is to provide a highly engaging, differentiated entertainment experience where the combination of challenge and progress drives a sense of achievement,” writes King in the filing. “We make our games available for free, while players can purchase virtual items priced relative to the entertainment value they provide.”

Read The full Story:

The Rush to become Robin Hood

I am a pro BJP person and it does mean that everything I say is just because my stand to oppose, we need to think rationally. I am really baffled to see people posting Khirki extension video and appreciating the fact that locals loved the heroics of Somnath Bharti. Khap Panchayats have a long history and we all know the rule, it’s never about the person, it’s about the deep rooted tradition which they stand for.  Some of these traditions and cultures have no place in modern India and all misdeeds should be dealt as per rule of land. None of the political parties oppose them directly but does that means we should endorse Khap Panchayat dictates?

This week, we had another tormenting news coming from Bengal, a women was gang raped as per tribal court verdict and villagers acknowledged it as right. Can anything be more haunting? What if we promote this culture, not the comparison can be derived, but what if?

In the case of Somnath Bharti, I do believe that the intentions were right but it had personal motive, he wanted to be a hero in a single day. Working through the system will take time and he does not have time to prove his heroics, the acts of AAP leaders are slowing turning into individual’s personal guerilla war to gain instant popularity.

Some suggestions for the law minister, I am neither an expert and nor claim to be:

  1. Do criminal backgrounds check on all tenants living on locality; punish landlords who ever never furnished the details of their tenants.  Criminals, drug paddlers are not living their without consent of landlords, the struggle for locals is really with the local Mafia. AAP’s law minister is really going after small players who might shift their base, the real problem will always exist.
  2. Increase vigilance, for interim measure deploy more police force in locality, probably the staff free up by AAP by not taking too much security.
  3. Install a “working” CCTV camera on all streets of Khirki Extension, keep whole night monitoring.  Probably involve local citizens and RWA in this monitoring exercise if law permits.
Meanwhile, people love the heroics so I assume it will continue.

Meanwhile, people love the heroics so I assume it will continue.

Very interesting idea being seeded by BJP, The abolition of Income Tax and Service Tax may figure prominently on the agenda of the BJP for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls

Very interesting idea being seeded by BJP, not an official endorsements though. Lots of practical challenges, implementation will be the key hurdle. The article also talks radical changes in “petro-economics” bringing taxation on petroleum products in India at par with international standards.


1. Income Tax has poor track record in India, lots of defaulters, among 180 countries, India is ranked at 138 in terms of tax administration.
2. More money to consumers will result into more spendings
3. The Finances can me be managed through indirect tax, at least consumer is spending the way they want
4. Lots of time saving for people like me and removes the possibility of being uninformed corrupt

The Flip Side:

1. As per the recommendations, Bank Transaction Tax will be levied, this will lead to corruption and money laundering. We need to strengthen the banking mechanism first.
2. Indirect tax should also be controlled, with service tax we have seen multiple layers of taxes.

The Symbolism of AAP – eRickshaw Ride

Devil lies in the details and I would have expected the messiahs of the political change in India to behave accordingly or stop preaching at all. This one news is in very bad taste, AAP legislator travels to Assembly on e-rickshaw (gets special permission for entry), personally I have see the havoc it creates on Delhi roads and this act is simply promoting the culture.

The fact “The e-rickshaws are run by private operators in the city with no records available with the Government. According to Traffic Police, e-rickshaws pose a major safety hazard to other commuters due to lack of enforcement since they do not come under the ambit of the Motor Vehicles Act.”

At times these e-rickshaw drivers have also been stealing power from street lights.

What are we promoting here ?

Aam Aadmi Party MLA from Rohini Rajesh Garg arrives in his battery-operated rickshaw to take oath in Delhi Assembly on Wednesday. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar

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