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Dear FoodPanda, its early days and you can change

Its getting crazier with every day in mobile app world, you have app for everything and I am simply loving it, what I don’t love is perennial problem with services from these app.  This column is focused on food ordering app FoodPanda and lack of service delivery.

Started using it from last few weekends, off course I only use it on weekend and don’t fancy on weekdays. Used it thrice and with every interaction, the situation got worse.  These app work perfectly fine, with so much exciting features, I think they have cracked the technology but never been able to work through the services.

My last order with foodpanda was horrible and this my third, so practically 33% defect rate.  Everything went fine until I placed the order, the fancy app shows status of my order every single minute and I continued to be impressed till it clocked 60 min. The moment you cross 60 min, it will ask if your order has been delivered and if you say ‘no’, it will request to wait for a call back or confirmation in next 30 min or so.

I just kept waiting for a callback on my order and as expected no follow-up, then I started chasing FoodPanda, helpline was always busy and I tried at least 5-6 times in next 30 min.  Having seen disappointed with call center, I started calling the restaurant and to my surprise none of the phone number mentioned in SMS from Foodpanda was working. Finally the order arrived after a delay of 1 hr and that too in stale condition.

Foodpanda has been extensively marketing and giving lots of discounts to capture customer base as early player but guess what, they have forgotten, customer would request for prompt service as well and they are unable to deal with it.  Definitely not planning to order again, my local restaurant delivery guys turns out be more effective in service delivery.

Candy Crush Saga – Someone is getting billions from it

Candy Crush Saga, I have always seen people cribbing over the invites, I personally never bothered. I still don’t have penchant for these online games but loved the economics behind it, while you are playing games, the creators of these games are making huge money and which is perfectly fine.

Next time, I might be interested in these games, the feeling of making others rich is so interesting 🙂

Candy Crush Saga is a simple strategy game. The objective? To solve puzzles by annihilating colorful candies. And now, following in the grand tradition of gaming behemoths like Zynga, King Digital Entertainment, whose portfolio also includes Pet Rescue Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, has filed to become a publicly traded company. Its plan is to raise $500 million.

According to the F-1 filing, the company plans to trade under the ticker symbol “KING,” with J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, and BofA Merrill Lynch among the lead underwriters. “Our focus is to provide a highly engaging, differentiated entertainment experience where the combination of challenge and progress drives a sense of achievement,” writes King in the filing. “We make our games available for free, while players can purchase virtual items priced relative to the entertainment value they provide.”

Read The full Story:

The Symbolism of AAP – eRickshaw Ride

Devil lies in the details and I would have expected the messiahs of the political change in India to behave accordingly or stop preaching at all. This one news is in very bad taste, AAP legislator travels to Assembly on e-rickshaw (gets special permission for entry), personally I have see the havoc it creates on Delhi roads and this act is simply promoting the culture.

The fact “The e-rickshaws are run by private operators in the city with no records available with the Government. According to Traffic Police, e-rickshaws pose a major safety hazard to other commuters due to lack of enforcement since they do not come under the ambit of the Motor Vehicles Act.”

At times these e-rickshaw drivers have also been stealing power from street lights.

What are we promoting here ?

Aam Aadmi Party MLA from Rohini Rajesh Garg arrives in his battery-operated rickshaw to take oath in Delhi Assembly on Wednesday. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar

You can run you can hide but cant escape social media arrest, LEMP

LEMP was trending for three straight days on Twitter, they would have never imagined to get so much popularity unless they had planned to come up with an extra ordinary craft beer :-). This entire episode is for real and majority of us can correlate except the eves dropping part experienced by 8 friends on that horrible date.

I commented about my experience on Zomoto as well and contributed in getting LEMP down to Poor rating, albeit I will be honest, I didn’t had as such experience with the staff or food/beer or may be I am too naive to experience the ‘bad’ experience.

“Sad to see that Gurgaon as city is being singled out because of LEMP, the damage is far bigger than to LEMP itself, it has given bad name to the city.

As a Gurgaon resident, I dont think this is practice across all Pubs & Breweries, I have visited almost all of them including LEMP and this can happen any where/ in any city. The LEMP owners and manager must pay a price for it, what better than a roayl boycott by customer.

The place is good and spacious but defenelty what worries me about LEMP is location which adds to overall experience. DT City Mall, Sec 30 is isoloated and not too much crowd here. You start feeling uneasy as soon as you enter the mall. The brewery is also in the corner with no true sense of security. Thankfully, I didnt had the horrifying experience as my friends did and shared the experience blog. I was there with my wife and this entire episode scares me alot, promise never go there again.

This horrific experience is also now covered in some main stream media, this one by FirstPost…let the consumer rise!”

As mentioned above, this issue is specific to LEMP, its prevalent everywhere primarily because of hand in glove of these pub owners with Khakee Wardi. The Policeman will always look at person coming from pub as drunkard and NOT a citizen of India who has the right to experience whatever he likes and is paying taxes for it as well.

My curiosity took me Zomoto review for additional details, till June 11the LEMP was rated among Top 5%  Restaurants in Delhi NCR, curiosity kills the crow, isnt ?. Now we have several people complaining about LEMP on Zomoto as well, referring to previous experience. Where are these ratings coming from or may be people forgot to rate ? . Though Zomoto through its blog does try to make things simpler on this issue and made a lot of sense.

Stats as published on Zomoto.Com

Statistics for Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen, Sector 30

<!–This page for Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen, Sector 30 was viewed 189234 times (updated daily).
–>Popularity Index: [Category 1 – Among Top 5% Restaurants on Zomato Delhi NCR]
Page last updated on: June 11th, 2013
Any ways, its important to note the how social media has responded to the experience well documented by the 8 friends and trust me, they were very meticulous and well thought through.  They knew the power of social media and actually planned to get this on-line while this all was going on (they clicked few pics).  The level of support blog received can give sleepless night to PR firms, they can ignore or if sanity is left,  will get there acts right which in case of LEMP is not happening.
The impact on the LEMP and its business cant be quantified but you also cant quantify the “Loss Of Goodwill” and in the word business finance, it matters a lot!

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 5,700 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 10 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

How to get maximum Facebook likes ?


These tips are NO NO for all female Facebook users, it will just add few more likes and create more inequality  or gender bias on Facebook platform.

Being men has so many difficulties, in all walks of life and now we have to deal with getting “likes” on Facebook. Here I am listing few tips to get more likes on your status updated based on my experience, some really work.

I am till experimenting though, will continue to update this blog as per findings.


1.       Don’t post regular jokes; no one will look at it. Probably it might have been shared zillions of times. In order to pick new jokes, you really need to be active on all social media platforms or you are creative enough have your own. A good joke should be short, maximum two lines. The lengthier its, the boring it comes, especially on mobile it’s difficult to read.

2.       Your status updates should have 6-8 hrs of difference, if you have a lot to talk, get on Twitter please.

3.       No political updates or national issues, people will yawn and give a royal pass. Make it little tricky, talk about good things about India and end with “Jai Hind” and then you can add the message.

4.       Post in multiple languages, you may not get enough likes but be assured of likes in the next known language by your friends. It just creates some attention, attention seekers?? You can ignore these comments.

5.       Maximum probability of getting zillions of likes is on photographs, ensure that you have photographs clicked by one of your Facebook Photographers (editing is must); he will help you in getting more likes, obviously by tags.

6.       Try to create an album of different moods and situation; don’t put everything in your Wall Folder or Timeline Folder.

7.       Never post all photos at once in an album, have minimum 24 Hrs gap. Do not post more than 4 photos at one go.

8.       The best day to get maximum likes is Friday night (10 PM – 12Pm), Saturday morning (12 P.M – 5 P.M) and Sunday morning (12 P.M – 5 P.M).  Ignore Monday and Tuesdays, even you posts something really exciting, as in you have Mount Everest, it will be ignored because of all apparent reasons.

to be conti.


Do you really care for privacy on Facebook ?

I quite often see people posting instructions to make certain changes which would hide  information from going public or accessed by others.  I never really cared for those settings and neither oblige, this does not mean I am disrespecting people who actually care for privacy.

However, to put the context in the right manner; the day you decided to join Facebook you actually compromised on your privacy. You can hide data from individual, group of people to an extend but not from an institution.  Facebook keeps your data forever, we need not explain what actually they do with the data.  If you are really interested , here is an article to give an insight –


Majority of us don’t know that Facebook keeps your deleted pics forever and anyone can access it using the direct link. Did it make you worry, well you should be because facbook still doesn’t has a solution.

It can be argued that an unwanted individual can misuse our personal information, pictures to defame or just use in a mischievous way which an institution wont. The best remedy to protect your privacy is to control what you share, we have many other offline forums to talk and share about personal lives.

Anyway, how can we forget,  this is world of hypocrisy, we want people to know what I am doing and where I was having fun but with privacy, yes I cam claim to an active member of this  hypocrisy culture.


When Google Fails

You have to be really worried when the organization claimed to have revolutionize the internet world fails, this may be the first time it happened. We have numerous Google failures but primarily around product (marketability and usability perspective), not performance of an existing product.

Yesterday it was supposed to be a historic day for Google Hangout (In India) and it failed miserable on several accounts. Hugely marketed event (Your questions, Ajay Devgn’s presence & Narendra Modi’s inspiring answers- Come ‘Hangout’ with) wherein Mr Modi was going take direct questions was published much in advance.

Google India was also not far behind, its promotion resulted into tweets to 15k followers with 250 re tweets, the sheer magnitude of this event was expected.


The whole event was supposed to start at 8 P.M and for next one hr, no one had clue what’s happening. The video was running for 8 Sec with Mr. Ajay Devagan repeatedly saying “Yea Yea”. Now, this was turning into huge embarrassment for Mr. Narendra Modi and Google India, yet no official response from any party, lots of speculation on Tweeter and You Tube.

Around 9 P.M Google India tweeted, stating “Folks, 10 minutes and we’ll begin. Stay tuned“.


It estimated that over 1.6 Million people from 116 countries were logged into Hangout/You Tube and Google wasn’t ready for this turnout. The live streaming started around with a simple sorry message from Google India ” And we’re LIVE. Sorry for the delay“. For an organization like Google it was expected to do much better preparation, not just from the actual live coverage perspective also from communication point.

We still haven’t heard the actual reason behind this delay, whether it was administrative failure or technology and questions do arise..What happened to Google’s predictive analytics ? , they couldn’t anticipate the user inflow or was it charismatic Narendra Modi.

Google’s admiration goes beyond imagination and its too easy to put a question mark on its performance. As many tweeted, it was supposed to be a big day for India Google / Hangout but things didnt workout, but we do expect better performance in future. Probably to start with, get the communication problem fixed.

 Postscript: Something interesting to go through, its quite old and few new entries expected their.

Romancing with Twitter and Twitterions


These days’s social media has taken over my thoughts, ideas and executions. Closer to Bryan Adam’s famous song “everything I do, I do it for you Twitter & Facebook”

My romance with twitter (Facebook, sometime later) was not love at first sight, but several months of hide seek game while I was flirting with its sister concern “Facebook”.  Finally the day came and I took a decision to share my love, with 100% commitment of no nonsense negligence to Facebook. Read the rest of this entry

Facebook, You, Me and Humlog

P.S – If you are going to read this, you will have to ignore my linguistic skills.


Majority of my online friends call me Facebook maniac and they are not wrong. Facebook has changed my life a lot, I was never the same…. primarily because I didn’t had too much of information and never realized what the world is up to. With the help of Facebook, I have found me inside me :-).


I am not writing this to describe my affection with facebook but to touch on an unknown problem we are ignoring. I am trying to address a psychological problem we might see in coming years. The original article was published in WSJ related with this. What you see on facebook status updates is not the actual life we are going through, that’s just may be friction of it. By just reading the status updates don’t assume, life is cool for your friends and you are struggling. Read the rest of this entry

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