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The drama is apt for Saas Bahu serial

The nation may not have seen this level of drama company ever or if the common citizen wants, they must see this drama for 5 years, vote them to power.  We couldn’t get enough drama in 49 days as it termed out to be one episode, we need a full-fledged rhetorical movie.

The recent instance of this drama is gas pricing and tirade against Mukesh Ambani,  in hurry AAP filed FIR against Mukesh Ambani and others, another hoot and scoot attempt which now has been termed illegal. No one wants to defend Mukesh, he can defend himself. The question really is, why AAP, misleading people and spreading wrong information.

Till now, they have not been able to furnish the letter which they claimed is written by Narendra Modi on gas pricing. As a matter of fact, BJP and Modi objected to gas pricing hike.

Both BJP and Gujarat Government have opposed UPA’s decision to hike gas prices. The Yashwant Sinha-led committee on finance has sought a rethink on the Rangarajan formula. Arun Jaitley has made it clear that BJP will reconsider the gas pricing formula if voted to power in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, read the comprehensive on gas pricing here

Now Arvind Jee has moved and focusing on luring votes, forget what’s happening to gas pricing and driving it towards closure. They are numroius such instances, nothing has been solved for or drawn or convlusion, all we see is pointless allegations.


Is NaMo overshadowing BJP ?

images (1)Quite intriguing to see some recent commentary on NaMo, well, he is always in news and always be. Some of my friends comment on Post by Manish Singh, NaMo has overshadowed BJP and this may be a reason why they won’t vote for BJP because of their comfortability 🙂 or discomfort  with NaMo.  While I realize, I cant influence the decision making or the thought process but do they really look at things holistically ?

AAP is all about Arvind Kejriwal, I doubt if they could win a single seat without Arvind on driving seat while Sonia Gandhi continues to be a supreme leader of our grand old INC party. I have never seen a question in public forum on these later two, they have virtually killed their inner party democracy, on other hand BJP’s inner conflicts are always out, although you can’t really trust them. The same is true for all political parties, SP, TMC, BJP,etc.

On the other hand BJP’s leadership gives you a clear signal, right form ABV days. If you don’t perform, you perish and there is nothing about your succession. If you have, let them prove it first.  Comment from a facebook friend.

Look at history. In BJP, the PM candidate has always been larger then party. This is Modi’s time. He will also fade away. But no one family ruling the party.

No matter what the result will be, it will be very tough for NaMo to consider himself as aspirant for 2019 elections.

Remarkable leaders, positively or negatively have always overshadowed their political party and I hate to draw the comparison but how many Indian know if Barak Obama is Democrat or Republican or from which party does Putin belongs.  This may not be right analogy but leaders claim a space, they are face of a system and they will always emerge out, the point really is; whether the leader can be replaced basis his performance, from BJP..Yes!

Meanwhile enjoy this emotionally appealing Video from Google, #PledgeToVote with Mr. Shyam Negi.

Modi’s Varanasi Gambit


Modi addressing a public meeting in Varanasi

The great unwanted debate on why Modi is contesting from a safe seat (Varanasi) is purely rhetoric, fact is and which everyone knows, Modi’s assessment will not be done based on Varanasi’s seat.  Given a situation Modi wins from Varanasi, and party loses across India under his leadership, it will make him a bigger looser and few leaders within BJP will be first to question his leadership.  Just in case, he loses from Varanasi and wins seat across India, he will be a true winner but the detractors will focus on Varanasi.

Why Varanasi? The city has been a strong hold of BJP but it’s also important to know that BJP only 30% vote share and in 2009 elections BSP’s Mukhtar Ansari got 27% seats speaks a lot about the situation.

Modi’s gambit is to make an impact felt across the Purvanchal belt; there are 24-28 (loosely defined) seats in Purvanchal area and that makes 25% of overall seats in Uttar Pradesh, Modi wants his encash his popularity as this belt can easily influenced because of multiple factors. Two major factors are, Hindi heartland and development, Modi can sell his Gujarat model effectively.

In 2009 election, BJP was placed in this region, BSP and Congress taking 10 seats respectively while BJP only got 4 seats and that gives BJP a huge opportunity.

Source: The Hindu

Source: The Hindu

Modi also realizes time is money, with entire Purvanchal region being covered 12th May while the elections in rest of UP will get over by 30th April, he can get all his energies & strength directed to this region.



The Rush to become Robin Hood

I am a pro BJP person and it does mean that everything I say is just because my stand to oppose, we need to think rationally. I am really baffled to see people posting Khirki extension video and appreciating the fact that locals loved the heroics of Somnath Bharti. Khap Panchayats have a long history and we all know the rule, it’s never about the person, it’s about the deep rooted tradition which they stand for.  Some of these traditions and cultures have no place in modern India and all misdeeds should be dealt as per rule of land. None of the political parties oppose them directly but does that means we should endorse Khap Panchayat dictates?

This week, we had another tormenting news coming from Bengal, a women was gang raped as per tribal court verdict and villagers acknowledged it as right. Can anything be more haunting? What if we promote this culture, not the comparison can be derived, but what if?

In the case of Somnath Bharti, I do believe that the intentions were right but it had personal motive, he wanted to be a hero in a single day. Working through the system will take time and he does not have time to prove his heroics, the acts of AAP leaders are slowing turning into individual’s personal guerilla war to gain instant popularity.

Some suggestions for the law minister, I am neither an expert and nor claim to be:

  1. Do criminal backgrounds check on all tenants living on locality; punish landlords who ever never furnished the details of their tenants.  Criminals, drug paddlers are not living their without consent of landlords, the struggle for locals is really with the local Mafia. AAP’s law minister is really going after small players who might shift their base, the real problem will always exist.
  2. Increase vigilance, for interim measure deploy more police force in locality, probably the staff free up by AAP by not taking too much security.
  3. Install a “working” CCTV camera on all streets of Khirki Extension, keep whole night monitoring.  Probably involve local citizens and RWA in this monitoring exercise if law permits.
Meanwhile, people love the heroics so I assume it will continue.

Meanwhile, people love the heroics so I assume it will continue.

Very interesting idea being seeded by BJP, The abolition of Income Tax and Service Tax may figure prominently on the agenda of the BJP for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls

Very interesting idea being seeded by BJP, not an official endorsements though. Lots of practical challenges, implementation will be the key hurdle. The article also talks radical changes in “petro-economics” bringing taxation on petroleum products in India at par with international standards.


1. Income Tax has poor track record in India, lots of defaulters, among 180 countries, India is ranked at 138 in terms of tax administration.
2. More money to consumers will result into more spendings
3. The Finances can me be managed through indirect tax, at least consumer is spending the way they want
4. Lots of time saving for people like me and removes the possibility of being uninformed corrupt

The Flip Side:

1. As per the recommendations, Bank Transaction Tax will be levied, this will lead to corruption and money laundering. We need to strengthen the banking mechanism first.
2. Indirect tax should also be controlled, with service tax we have seen multiple layers of taxes.

AAP is just another locally mushrooming party, nothing new

Capturing some facts about Arvind Kejriwal and his team, was getting really irritated with moral high ground being claimed everyday.

1. I thought AAP was claiming to set new standard in delhi political system, they have the highest no. of poll violation as of now. OK, I understand it must a be a conspiracy. …

2. In Oct 2012, Arvind Kejriwal said a committee of three retired judges will investigate (internal lokpal) the charges against Prashant Bhushan, Anjali Damania and Mayank Gandhi.Till date nothing in public domain, moral high ground ???

3. During Muzaffarnagar violence, AAPs official statement immediately blamed BJP-RSS and specially Amit Shah for for inciting riots and when the facts were exposed…they removed the official statement from website. You are from day 1 dividing this nation and making communal allegations. Remember, BJP still claims to represent 18.8% of the population, you are directly blaming these 18% people in India.

4. What was the reason for Arvind Kejriwal writing a letter to a specific community saying Batla house encounter was fake and Ishrat Jahan was an innocent who was killed in Fake encounter?. As a matter of fact, this is sub judicial and no one should really comment…to an extent courts have held the truth, is he not violating law and dividing people based on religion ?????. Why is he not writing a letter to other community in support of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur when no charge sheet has been filled till date.

5. Dear AAP supporters and sympathisers, dont do chest thumping and claim the moral high ground on ethics, secularism, corruption, etc.. You have made the right decision to support a political organization and go ahead and reinforce the core objective of your outfit. Dont simply blame others for everything and at times do learn to question your own leaders.

6. Prashant Bhusan, one of the founders of AAP party blames India Army and extremist Hindu outfits for terrorizing Kashmiri people, joker………Kashmiri Pandits have faced most of the brutal attacks and have him thrown out of their homeland without any support from government. Its the most brutal / bloody history of India, why dont you talk about them?????. You are clearly pulling down the moral of Indian Army, imagine you come in government and blame army for all wrong doings.

AAP party is fraud………why, gime me proof ?? I dont know, I have made this allegation and now its your duty to prove yourself innocent. ….isnt that typical AAPs style. #funintended 

Modi takes on PM and Congress head-on, reinforces governance

NaMo Independence Day

It wasn’t a normal independence day; neither was it supposed to be. Narendra Modi had declared the tone of his speech yesterday and he did deliver it as per the expectation, to an extent beyond expectation.

It has been ages since I really made an attempt to listen someone on independence day; been my personal celebration from last 8 years now. I recall waking up early just to hear speech from ABV from Red Fort, in spite of the fact that I was a BJP voter but still not a dedicated follower. My sole intention was to hear him and his ideas of India. With congress government coming, I continued to look for that inspiration and gave after 2 years. It never went beyond “Gareebe Hataayenge”.

Listening to NaMo was such a welcome change, he inspires, he gives ideas, questions status quo and in all invokes patriotism for right things. I don’t think it’s all about his oratory skills, a lot of individuals like me judge him beyond that and he truly meets our expectation.

Enjoy some reactions on his speech, some funny too!

The Sorry State of Media Anchors

Across the world you see countries protecting there citizens, to an extent that even he/she has to be punished, it shroud be done in by the respective country and that’s self respect and trust in your system. Only in India you will see media, politicians, ngo, activists begging other countries to ignore certain individuals/punish and simply cant fathom engagement. Cheap beggars, no self-respect. I didn’t feel any good watching the video (Nidhi Razdan with Barry Gardiner), I was feeling about the sorry state of nation.

In this particular cases a noted journalists from NDTV is just trying to put words in British MP’s mouth and as expected, fails. This is a clear indication of agenda of the vested individuals.

Quick Note – Its All About Leadership, Disaster Management (NaMo)

BBC’s account (in 2011) of how Gujarat’s astonishing rise from rubble of 2001 quake (, across the spectrum they only talk about Gujarat was always prospering hence no intervention was required. What they don’t look at; a part of Gujarat was in rubble and it required to rebuilt and it was done  in right fashion.
Now the Rambo effort (cheaply coined) for  NaMo on his efforts to rescue Gujarati’s, the details on how did it…it requires commitment, execution, on top a vision/idea and  this cant be done alone. NaMo has built a strong administrative staff which is quick and responsive, cant be true for all other regions.  This is where leadership matters, we highly capable government staff, what they need is direction and vision.  ( .
Their is section of society which might question, why only Gujarati ?. Well, that’s his primary responsibility, in the capacity of Chief Minister he is accountable for his people.
Corelate and you will know why this man matters!

Nitish is very scared

Political circle is buzzing up with the news on JD (U) quitting NDA, not that it was surprising, the indicators were coming from last few months now, and this move is good for BJP, it can focus on 2014 now.

Out all the reasons being circulated, I consider Nitish’s fear of Modi is primary factor; he realizes the position on secularism is the last refuge of loosers.  Narendar Modi knows his game and what he wants, he is clear with his priorities, a strong and prosperous India and in his schemes of things, Nitish would have been the weakest link.  Nitish Jee also realizes, Modi is merciless with his political opponents, look at what he has done to Congress in Gujarat.

The rise and shine of Modi with BJP means he will be the key decision maker; his priorities for 2014 are clear, to win seats. Bihar has 40 Loks Shabha seats and Modi would like to win majority, would never like to share seats with JD (U) considering BJP has strong organizational roots in Bihar.

Nitish Jee can only survive with the likes of RJD and TMC, they are chest the thumping secular parties with a deep shallowness, lack of thought process or ideas. Nitish is simply fighting to survive!

Stumbled on this news, I hope this is note true but we know its.

Nitish banks on caste calculations, Muslims

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