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The drama is apt for Saas Bahu serial

The nation may not have seen this level of drama company ever or if the common citizen wants, they must see this drama for 5 years, vote them to power.  We couldn’t get enough drama in 49 days as it termed out to be one episode, we need a full-fledged rhetorical movie.

The recent instance of this drama is gas pricing and tirade against Mukesh Ambani,  in hurry AAP filed FIR against Mukesh Ambani and others, another hoot and scoot attempt which now has been termed illegal. No one wants to defend Mukesh, he can defend himself. The question really is, why AAP, misleading people and spreading wrong information.

Till now, they have not been able to furnish the letter which they claimed is written by Narendra Modi on gas pricing. As a matter of fact, BJP and Modi objected to gas pricing hike.

Both BJP and Gujarat Government have opposed UPA’s decision to hike gas prices. The Yashwant Sinha-led committee on finance has sought a rethink on the Rangarajan formula. Arun Jaitley has made it clear that BJP will reconsider the gas pricing formula if voted to power in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, read the comprehensive on gas pricing here

Now Arvind Jee has moved and focusing on luring votes, forget what’s happening to gas pricing and driving it towards closure. They are numroius such instances, nothing has been solved for or drawn or convlusion, all we see is pointless allegations.


Very interesting idea being seeded by BJP, The abolition of Income Tax and Service Tax may figure prominently on the agenda of the BJP for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls

Very interesting idea being seeded by BJP, not an official endorsements though. Lots of practical challenges, implementation will be the key hurdle. The article also talks radical changes in “petro-economics” bringing taxation on petroleum products in India at par with international standards.


1. Income Tax has poor track record in India, lots of defaulters, among 180 countries, India is ranked at 138 in terms of tax administration.
2. More money to consumers will result into more spendings
3. The Finances can me be managed through indirect tax, at least consumer is spending the way they want
4. Lots of time saving for people like me and removes the possibility of being uninformed corrupt

The Flip Side:

1. As per the recommendations, Bank Transaction Tax will be levied, this will lead to corruption and money laundering. We need to strengthen the banking mechanism first.
2. Indirect tax should also be controlled, with service tax we have seen multiple layers of taxes.

The Symbolism of AAP – eRickshaw Ride

Devil lies in the details and I would have expected the messiahs of the political change in India to behave accordingly or stop preaching at all. This one news is in very bad taste, AAP legislator travels to Assembly on e-rickshaw (gets special permission for entry), personally I have see the havoc it creates on Delhi roads and this act is simply promoting the culture.

The fact “The e-rickshaws are run by private operators in the city with no records available with the Government. According to Traffic Police, e-rickshaws pose a major safety hazard to other commuters due to lack of enforcement since they do not come under the ambit of the Motor Vehicles Act.”

At times these e-rickshaw drivers have also been stealing power from street lights.

What are we promoting here ?

Aam Aadmi Party MLA from Rohini Rajesh Garg arrives in his battery-operated rickshaw to take oath in Delhi Assembly on Wednesday. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar

Modi takes on PM and Congress head-on, reinforces governance

NaMo Independence Day

It wasn’t a normal independence day; neither was it supposed to be. Narendra Modi had declared the tone of his speech yesterday and he did deliver it as per the expectation, to an extent beyond expectation.

It has been ages since I really made an attempt to listen someone on independence day; been my personal celebration from last 8 years now. I recall waking up early just to hear speech from ABV from Red Fort, in spite of the fact that I was a BJP voter but still not a dedicated follower. My sole intention was to hear him and his ideas of India. With congress government coming, I continued to look for that inspiration and gave after 2 years. It never went beyond “Gareebe Hataayenge”.

Listening to NaMo was such a welcome change, he inspires, he gives ideas, questions status quo and in all invokes patriotism for right things. I don’t think it’s all about his oratory skills, a lot of individuals like me judge him beyond that and he truly meets our expectation.

Enjoy some reactions on his speech, some funny too!

The Sorry State of Media Anchors

Across the world you see countries protecting there citizens, to an extent that even he/she has to be punished, it shroud be done in by the respective country and that’s self respect and trust in your system. Only in India you will see media, politicians, ngo, activists begging other countries to ignore certain individuals/punish and simply cant fathom engagement. Cheap beggars, no self-respect. I didn’t feel any good watching the video (Nidhi Razdan with Barry Gardiner), I was feeling about the sorry state of nation.

In this particular cases a noted journalists from NDTV is just trying to put words in British MP’s mouth and as expected, fails. This is a clear indication of agenda of the vested individuals.

Quick Note – Its All About Leadership, Disaster Management (NaMo)

BBC’s account (in 2011) of how Gujarat’s astonishing rise from rubble of 2001 quake (, across the spectrum they only talk about Gujarat was always prospering hence no intervention was required. What they don’t look at; a part of Gujarat was in rubble and it required to rebuilt and it was done  in right fashion.
Now the Rambo effort (cheaply coined) for  NaMo on his efforts to rescue Gujarati’s, the details on how did it…it requires commitment, execution, on top a vision/idea and  this cant be done alone. NaMo has built a strong administrative staff which is quick and responsive, cant be true for all other regions.  This is where leadership matters, we highly capable government staff, what they need is direction and vision.  ( .
Their is section of society which might question, why only Gujarati ?. Well, that’s his primary responsibility, in the capacity of Chief Minister he is accountable for his people.
Corelate and you will know why this man matters!
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