The Burger & Gol Gappa Point, Sec-15 (Gurgaon)

Probably majority of Gurgaonties know about it  but for me its a new discovery, actually the discovery happened during house hunting last year.  In search of house, it was quite obvious to get hungry and these two outlets turned out to be a perfect place. Although, I didn’t  get house in that locality but I have been frequent visitor to this place now, reason quite obvious, The Burger Point & Gol Gappa!

The Burger Point – Probably one of the best available in Gurgaon, I would exclude the international brands here although from quality perspective, its nothing less. They use have all those the ingredient and paste which is found in top quality burger and its always added with fresh vegetables as the layer.

The Burger Point

The Burger Point

I usually settle down with Chicken Maharajaha, its big…really big!

Special Chicken Maharaja!

Special Chicken Maharaja!

The price is as decent, I would rather term it cheap, Chicken Maharaja is the costliest one here at Rs 75/-, they have the Maharaja option in Veg as well. I still haven’t tried everything, have huge collection in Burger and Sandwiches!..More to come..

Gol Gappa – Also known as Paani Puri, Puchkaa and by many other names, I just love to call it ‘Gol Gapp’a.

This Gol Gappa was found accidentally, I have this habit of trying it at every possible location and it lead to this found. I will be little biased when I speak about this, in NCR you would find Suzee Gol Gappa taking central stage and I cant simple understand this. Suzee Gol Gappa is completely NO for me, this may be because I was brought up in UP and their is nothing as Suzee Gol Gappa, its always Aatta (Wheat).

The Atta Gol Gappa!

The Aatta Gol Gappa!

The presentation is exactly what you see on the streets of Kolkatta, unique for Gurgaon & NCR.  The puchka isonly available in Aataa (wheat) flour and the water is completely made from Imlee (Tamarind), pure authentic touch. Priced at Rs 20/- for 5 pieces.

How To Reach: Direction from IFFCO Chowk to Sec.15 Market

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