You can run you can hide but cant escape social media arrest, LEMP

LEMP was trending for three straight days on Twitter, they would have never imagined to get so much popularity unless they had planned to come up with an extra ordinary craft beer :-). This entire episode is for real and majority of us can correlate except the eves dropping part experienced by 8 friends on that horrible date.

I commented about my experience on Zomoto as well and contributed in getting LEMP down to Poor rating, albeit I will be honest, I didn’t had as such experience with the staff or food/beer or may be I am too naive to experience the ‘bad’ experience.

“Sad to see that Gurgaon as city is being singled out because of LEMP, the damage is far bigger than to LEMP itself, it has given bad name to the city.

As a Gurgaon resident, I dont think this is practice across all Pubs & Breweries, I have visited almost all of them including LEMP and this can happen any where/ in any city. The LEMP owners and manager must pay a price for it, what better than a roayl boycott by customer.

The place is good and spacious but defenelty what worries me about LEMP is location which adds to overall experience. DT City Mall, Sec 30 is isoloated and not too much crowd here. You start feeling uneasy as soon as you enter the mall. The brewery is also in the corner with no true sense of security. Thankfully, I didnt had the horrifying experience as my friends did and shared the experience blog. I was there with my wife and this entire episode scares me alot, promise never go there again.

This horrific experience is also now covered in some main stream media, this one by FirstPost…let the consumer rise!”

As mentioned above, this issue is specific to LEMP, its prevalent everywhere primarily because of hand in glove of these pub owners with Khakee Wardi. The Policeman will always look at person coming from pub as drunkard and NOT a citizen of India who has the right to experience whatever he likes and is paying taxes for it as well.

My curiosity took me Zomoto review for additional details, till June 11the LEMP was rated among Top 5%  Restaurants in Delhi NCR, curiosity kills the crow, isnt ?. Now we have several people complaining about LEMP on Zomoto as well, referring to previous experience. Where are these ratings coming from or may be people forgot to rate ? . Though Zomoto through its blog does try to make things simpler on this issue and made a lot of sense.

Stats as published on Zomoto.Com

Statistics for Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen, Sector 30

<!–This page for Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen, Sector 30 was viewed 189234 times (updated daily).
–>Popularity Index: [Category 1 – Among Top 5% Restaurants on Zomato Delhi NCR]
Page last updated on: June 11th, 2013
Any ways, its important to note the how social media has responded to the experience well documented by the 8 friends and trust me, they were very meticulous and well thought through.  They knew the power of social media and actually planned to get this on-line while this all was going on (they clicked few pics).  The level of support blog received can give sleepless night to PR firms, they can ignore or if sanity is left,  will get there acts right which in case of LEMP is not happening.
The impact on the LEMP and its business cant be quantified but you also cant quantify the “Loss Of Goodwill” and in the word business finance, it matters a lot!

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