Boy learns to climb down stairs and early days classes (Joy of Parenting – 21032013)

This was the first week when Shaurya went for his early intervention classes (his first schooling days); he has speech and communication delays. This is not an issue but we are taking the best use of research done in this field to avoid any developmental delays, primarily when he joins school, it shouldn’t become a problem. Last 3-4 weeks has been a roller coaster ride for me, I started to spend majority of time with him while Shaily is in pursuit of her dreams. The time spent with young boy teaches me, I have acquired several new skill sets and I continue to.

Today and yesterday was a big day for Shaurya, he learnt to climb down the stairs and managed to wear shoes on his own, albeit it was wrong.


Out of all this, the most troubled time is which we spend it at “Early Intervention Classes”, several extreme cases of child development gets me worried and my heart goes out for the parents who never give up. I see more struggles daily (in last 5 days) and thus I become more realistic, the world is not as pleasant as we think and probably the view from our window looks always shining. Its one of the toughest learnings I am going through, it  has its own emotional drench.

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