RSS & The Pseudo Secularists

As they say, if you to have to prove secularisms, speak against Narendra Modi and for some RSS is an extension. In the current context, you can’t claim to be secular unless you have spilled venom on NaMo or RSS.

The idea of RSS had always puzzled me, what do they do? What do they preach? Why self proclaimed secular’s politicians hate this group?

I was fortunate to get some facts from none other than my father; he joined RSS last year with intention of living a healthy life. He was impressed by the level of physical activities these RSS members do. Last week he was invited at RSS HQ in Nagpur, regional groups across nation are invited to visit HQ for a site visit and to talk about history of RSS.

After his return, I had few direct questions from him. What exactly did you guys do? His response was plain and simple. They talk about living HINDUISM WAY OF LIFE, some daily physical exercise and few lessons on history. No, they don’t talk about ruling the world; they don’t talk about imposing Hinduism on all and sundry.

What’s wrong in preaching Hinduism way of life? Doesn’t all religious institution do that?

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