The unwanted comparison JP Movement Vs Anna Movement

While country is caught in imagination due Anna movement on JanLokPal, its imperative to look at JP’s movement and see what changes have these revolutions bring in.

Anna’s protest has been peaceful and focused around Jan LokPal Bill, JP’s movement was more into changing political class and corruption in government (same), and as per TIME this revolution was little violent.

If the agitation succeeds, it will engulf the whole nation within a year. This is a revolution. A total revolution.

—Jayaprakash Narayan, July 1974

Critics saw him as an irresponsible rabble-rouser out to destroy democratic government. To his admirers, he was the champion of the downtrodden, a political savior who has emerged from retirement to save them from what they see as despotic rule. The independent-minded son of a minor Bihar state official, Narayan at the age of 19 used a $600 wedding gift to set off alone to the U.S., where he studied at Berkeley and the University of Wisconsin and became a convert to Communism. Returning to India, he became deeply involved with Gandhi and Nehru in the independence movement. Still, he was not an advocate of Gandhi’s principles of nonviolence and organized a guerrilla force to disrupt rails and communications and foment strikes and riots

Here is the complete article from TIME,9171,917628-1,00.html

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