Love & hate affair with our neighbours – Part 2

Delayed this post for a week now, but the none the less its the right time to pickup the threads on the backdrop of India-Pak Foreign Secretaries to meet in Islamabad. What is really concerning from this meeting is agenda and the tantrum being thrown by Pakistan. If we go by the media reports, Pakistan does not wants to include 26/11 as an agenda but hell bound to include Kashmir.

Excerpts from IBNLive news:

“India wants to discuss fresh evidence from the 26/11 trial in Chicago, but Pakistan does not want to discuss terror at all, saying India is fixated on the issue. Foreign Office spokesperson Tehmina Janjua on Friday said the agenda of the upcoming meeting would be limited to the Kashmir issue, peace and security and friendly exchanges.

Pakistan has said it will raise the core issue of Kashmir. There has been no headway on the Siachen and Sir Creek disputes either”

These topics are of the maximum interests for our country, and we are heeding to the dictations from Pakistan.   I am not sure what else is on agenda,  but without discussing 26/11 issue we shouldn’t be really pursuing any dialogue.  Without addressing the actual problem of terrorism, we really cant have a cordial relationship.”

I recently conducted a poll on social media to understand the sentiments of the people and result was expected. The voting count may not be high but you can rationalize from it.  Is GOI is really aware of the sentiments of common man,  the expressions are always not emotional but well thought through.  At times you really have to twist arms and follow a hard approach to fix a naughty neighbour,  don’t we do that within our family ?

Out of 43 people voting, only 5% voted towards the opinion of continuing with the dialogue.

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