How Japan is handling the crisis, lessons to be learned!

These pictures can make you beilve that japan will take another century to rocover but we all know its different because its Japan, The Land of Rising Sun. What natured destroyed was man made, and if we are honest and have strong determination…we can build a nation again..every shining with glory!!!

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I was reading tweets from @ActorMadhavan and got to know some facts on what japan is really doing. A collection of his tweets:

1. THE CALM Not a single visual of chest-beating or wild grief. Sorrow itself has been elevated.

2. THE DIGNITY—–Disciplined queues for water and groceries. Not a rough word or a crude gesture.

3. THE ABILITY The incredible architects, for instance. Buildings swayed but didn’t fall.

4. THE GRACE—–People bought only what they needed for the present, so everybody could get something.

5. THE ORDER—–No looting in shops. No honking and no overtaking on the roads. Just understanding.

6. THE SACRIFICE—-Fifty workers stayed back to pump sea water in the N-reactors. How will they ever be repaid?

7. THE TENDERNESS——Restaurants cut prices. An unguarded ATM is left alone. The strong cared for the weak.

8. THE TRAINING—-The old and the children, everyone knew exactly what to do. And they did just that.

9. THE MEDIA—-They showed magnificent restraint in the bulletins. No silly reporters. Only calm reportage.

10. THE CONSCIENCE—When the power went off in a store,people put things back on the shelves &left quietly.

Japanese Prvoverb: Fall down seven times, get up eight times. An encouragement to persevere (ganbaru)

Romaji: Nana korobi, ya oki
Literally: Seven falls, eight getting up 
Notes: From the verbs korobu and okiru respectively

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